D’où viennent nos fonds ?

  • adhésions
  • dons de particuliers et d’entreprises
  • opérations de crowdfunding (levée de fonds sur internet) à travers notre partenaire W4 (faire un don).
  • soutien financier de Codssy, collectif d’associations apportant une aide d’urgence à la société civile syrienne, dont Yalla! est membre depuis mai 2014.

A quoi sert votre don ?

  • Votre don sert directement à la mise en œuvre des projets de Yalla! sur le terrain et notamment au paiement des indemnités des professeurs et animateurs, du loyer des locaux de l’école, des fournitures scolaires et celles destinées aux activités socio-éducatives.
  • Les frais administratifs de Yalla ! sont réduits au minimum afin que l’ensemble des dons bénéficient aux enfants et aux bénévoles locaux. Les dépenses administratives de Yalla! représentent 2% du budget de l’association, alors que 98% des fonds sont dédiés à la mise en oeuvre des projets sur le terrain.

Beirut - Lebanon - 2 June 2014 French non-governmental organization, Yalla Pour Les Enfants Syriens, provides Syrian refugee children schooling at the Nazarene Church in Beirut, Lebanon on Monday, June 2, 2014. The NGO, a brainchild of Charlotte Bertal, was created in conjunction with her family in July of 2013 after Syrian friends from her studies in Damas alerted her of the educational gap in humanitarian aid. Securing funding and a location proved to be a greater issue in Beirut, but was finalized when the school opened in March of this year. "A lot of them work. They are helping their parents by selling stuff on the street; chewing gum, tissues, etc. Some of them are working in restaurants. Some of them are working crazy hours. I met a 12-year-old who worked from eight in the morning until eight in the evening delivering food from a restaurant." said Bertal. "The other children spend all day in one room watching TV, doing nothing. They hear the stories of their parents. They talk about the war, about having no money. When they go to school, they can be themselves. They can be children. It's really important for them to have this balance four days a week, four hours a day. During those four hours, they can breathe." Photos par Amy Leang

Photo : Amy Leang